New Energy Spirit Biomass Refinery, LLC, a registered North Dakota special purpose company, plans to develop, build, own, and operate a biomass refinery in Spiritwood Energy Park, Jamestown, ND. New Energy Investors, LLC owns the project company.

The refinery is expected to annually produce 13.5 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol and 90,000 tons of lignin pellets from 200,000 metric tons of crop residue. It will convert locally harvested corn stalks and wheat straw into sugars, and ferment the sugars into cellulosic ethanol for renewable automotive fuel, while separating out the lignin for offsite renewable energy production. Other outputs are a biogas for producing process steam and a potassium-rich nutrient for fertilizing farm fields.

With New Energy Spirit, we intend to create a national showplace for producing both liquid and solid bio-energy that is exceptionally low-carbon, high-value, and sustainable. We plan to co-locate the biomass refinery with the Dakota Spirit AgEnergy ethanol plant and the coal-fired power plant operated by Great River Energy. Integration is expected to produce synergies which should improve the efficiency and reduce the carbon intensity of those two operations, making their energy products more valuable, while further reducing the capital and operating costs of the biomass refinery.

As complementary technologies are commercialized, we expect added flexibility in revenue generation. When it’s more profitable to do so, we intend to divert some of our production streams to higher-value biochemicals for producing renewable plastics, personal care products, and other low-carbon, fossil-free products.

The project should be a model of environmental stewardship and technological leadership. It can create high-value products for domestic sale or export. This model can be replicated throughout North Dakota’s 10.75 million acres currently under wheat and corn cultivation. The knowledge acquired can lower technology barriers, improve operational performance and further de-risk future projects, bringing more renewable energy investments to the state.

New Energy Spirit Biomass Refinery is currently in the development stage and is expected to break ground late in 2017. Construction will take about 24 months. We expect to be commissioning the operation in 2019 and operating at full capacity mid-year.

We anticipate multiple benefits flowing to the local and state economy—and to local investors as well.

Economic impact created:

  • 400+ well-paying construction jobs for 24 months
  • 100+ well-paying full-time jobs, 42 of them at the refinery
  • $15+ million paid by the refinery for biomass acquisition. Local farmers can see a windfall second cash crop from the same harvest, an ongoing financial boon. Farm and ag businesses that emerge to gather, store, and transport the biomass can profit as well.
  • $80+ million in annual revenue generated by the refinery; much of it paid back to the local community for plant operation
  • Anticipated synergies in the Spiritwood Energy Park include
    • integration with CHP and steam off-take from existing power station;
    • sell-back of clean water from water-positive process to existing water users in the Park;
    • lignin biofuel sale to reduce carbon footprint of steam and power production among local users;
    • magnet attracting additional companies to the Park;

The New Energy Spirit Biomass Refinery is expected to attract government, industry, and financial leaders from around the world to witness and learn a new way of making a difference by making clean energy.

Investment opportunity:

If you’re an North Dakota investor seeking to help grow the state and local economy, as well as seeking an attractive financial return, we’d be happy to disclose pertinent project information important in your decision-making and assessment of tax advantages.

Please contact Dan Olsen, President of New Energy Sprit Biomass Refinery,