Welcome to the green energy revolution.


New Energy Investors was formed to seize an immediate opportunity in a recently emerged sector of the green energy industry. The sector is biomass refining, which has been flying under the green energy radar and is finally on the cusp of commercial break-out. By focusing single-mindedly on refining biomass to some of the lowest carbon transportation fuel, New Energy Investors can practice three-dimensional investing, which creates financial, societal, and environmental awards. Investors reap handsome profits, rural communities see economic revitalization, and everyone benefits from not only cleaner air and water, but also atmospheric healing from reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Our goal is realistic and attainable-market leadership in producing the new generation of green automative fuel and base-load electric power, starting right here in the United States and expanding throughout North, Central, and South America. We have U.S. projects in our growing portfolio have already completed Phase 1. All meet our key criteria: 1) investment-grade returns; 2) exceptionally low-carbon processes and products; 3) long-term, sustainable options.

With any revolution, people of principle like you need to step forward and wield that absolutely indispensable weapon – serious money. We manage it professionally, put it to work building refineries, and earn strong, sustainable, commercial returns.

And together, that’s how we change the world.